Welcome to the sign-up form for "Where the Love Light Gleams," an e-care package put together with love from Everyone Is Gay. When you sign up below, our e-care package will be automatically sent to your inbox!

"Where the Love Light Gleams" is a collection of holiday-specific self-care tools for you to use as an LGBTQ human (including a music playlist, a crossword puzzle, a journaling page, a coloring page, and a holiday-themed comic!!). Also included are are lists of our most important holiday-specific resources, as well as those from others!

For many, varied reasons, being home (or not being home) over the holiday season can be a heavy weight for those of us who identify as LGBTQ. We hope that this collection of tools will help you find love, light, warmth, and community.

xo, Kristin Russo
Editor-In-Chief, Everyone Is Gay
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